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Temecula Attorneys. Welcome to the Temecula Law Firm of Bloom & Rudibaugh, a professional company offering attorney services and legal counsel to residents and businesses in the Hemet, Riverside, Temecula and Murrieta California areas.

Our Temecula law office is staffed by experienced attorneys with many years of experience in a variety of legal counsel including Family Law, Divorce, Bankruptcy Law. The lawyers at Bloom & Rudibaugh understand how to defend the rights of our clients under the law code, whether it is a matter of child custody, child support, visitation rights, divorce settlements, filing for bankruptcy, or counseling in the best method.

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Our attorneys are some of the best in Temecula’s business community and each one can provide you with expert counsel and the best legal advice for your individual needs.

Call our Temecula CA law offices today at 951-296-5360 to discuss your legal needs with our staff of experienced attorneys who are here to help you.

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Our lawyers practicing in this area include:
Scott Rudibaugh
Scott Rudibaugh
Kathy Bloom
Kathy Bloom