Child Custody: Decision-Maker (Parents or the Court)

Child custody laws are complicated, something that can cause many parents to freeze up in fear. How can you know what laws apply to you, and how your child custody case might turn out? Everybody wants what is best for their child, of course, but it can be challenging to balance this with what the court requires under child custody laws

The first step in understanding child custody laws is to contact a child custody lawyer. If you are headed to Murrieta family court, you will most definitely want the assistance of a qualified, experienced child custody lawyer. When there is this much at stake, you do not want to have to figure it all out on your own.

Child custody laws in California set out various rules, which your attorney can explain to you in greater detail.

If parents can agree on custody, the court generally goes with that agreement barring any major reason not to. Parents are the decision maker in this case, so long as they can come to a mutually agreeable decision to put before Murrieta family court.

However, for those who are dealing with a contested child custody case, the decision is more complex. The court must look at the situation and make a judgement. Factors such as the child’s desires, parental communication, and cooperation with the other parent in terms of fostering a good relationship with the child all come into play.

The court generally uses child custody laws to ensure that whatever decision is made in Murrieta family court, it is made with the child’s best interests in mind. In this manner, the decision is ultimately up to the court, but decisions each parent makes can impact the final judgement.

Parents should know that under California’s child custody laws, the gender of each parent cannot influence the case. There is no preference for a female or male parent.

If you are working through a contested child custody case, you have much to gain by getting the aid of an experienced child custody lawyer. He or she can look at the intricacies of your case and determine what the best strategy is to ensure the court knows and understands why your position may be ideal. Give yourself the best chance at success by working with a family law attorney.

Our attorneys are familiar with all rules of the family law code including complex concerns that may arise years after a divorce or child custody order has been established. Contact us today!