Defining a Contested Divorce

What is a contested divorce and how can it affect your family law situation? A contested divorce is a common scenario for a divorce attorney. If you are seeking a divorce, you may find yourself dealing with this scenario. It is important to understand what a contested divorce is, so you will also understand how it can shift your personal case.

What is a contested divorce?

In a non-contested divorce, both spouses have worked together to find common ground in areas like finances and child custody. They are able to present a unified plan to the court.

A contested divorce is one in which both parties do not agree. These divorces must be taken to trial for resolution by a family court judge, who will make a decision one way or another.

If you are dealing with a contested divorce or think you may be headed that way, it is wise to work with a divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney can help you come up with an agreement that both you and your spouse can sign off on, or he or she can represent you in court if your divorce remains contested.

If your divorce does go to trial you are able to ask for a separate trial, just on one or a few of the unresolved issues. This can help the trial process go faster. Child custody is one of the common reasons people have a separate trial.

You may wish to consult with a child custody lawyer if this is the case. A child custody lawyer knows the ins and outs of custody laws in California and can help you make a successful bid for custody.

Many family law practices employ attorneys who are experienced in both divorce and child custody. These issues go hand in hand frequently, so it makes sense that anyone involved in family law would have practical experience and knowledge relating to both.

Whether you are dealing with a contested divorce, working through child custody issues, or both, it is always wise to work with a lawyer. It is the best way to protect your rights, the rights of your children, and ensure success going forward.

A contested divorce can be a challenging experience for everyone involved. Make it as painless as possible by hiring professionals to help out.