The Greater Role Social Networking is Playing in Divorces

On behalf of Bloom & Rudibaugh, A.P.C. posted in Divorce on June 24, 2016. 

Many of us have heard of friends, acquaintances, or newsworthy couples getting divorced because of the information that they found or because of the rekindling of old flames contacted from their spouse’s social networking account. There is a news article of a woman who even cited Facebook as the reason for divorcing her husband of  two months because he didn’t change his status from “single” to “married” and she cited that she felt that she could not trust him. While this case may be extreme, (it was an arranged marriage in India and the woman may have been looking for an excuse to get out) it nevertheless is representative of the increasingly large part these websites are playing in our lives. Moreover, Facebook (which seems to be the largest culprit) and other social networking websites are also being used as evidence in family law cases.

When determining spousal support modifications for example, from Facebook it may be easy to find evidence that the party in question is cohabiting with a boyfriend/girlfriend because of “status updates” about living together and pictures of them together in the house being domestic. While hard evidence of this would not affect child support, spousal support could be annulled or significantly reduced. Further, in custody disputes the party in question may actually make remarks that indicate, inappropriate actions against the children, or about their lifestyle that is not a conducive, environment in which children should be.

If you are going through a divorce be aware of the ramifications if you are regularly networking and updating your life through these social networking websites. Most people are, however you must in particular be careful. Any and all information that is published on these websites may be used as evidence in court. If you are looking for a Hemet divorce attorney, or need a Family Law attorney in Murrieta, please contact one of  the attorneys at Bloom & Rudibaugh, A.P.C. for a consultation. We can help if you have questions about any family law related topic or issue.

Source: The Indian EXPRESS, “Indian woman files for divorce over husband’s “single”

Facebook status,” May 18, 2012.