How To Find A Good Child Custody Lawyer

How To Find A Good Child Custody Lawyer

If you’re seeking a good child custody lawyer to help your family through a divorce, it’s important to know what makes a good lawyer. You’ll want someone who will care about your family almost as much as you do, who is an expert in custody law, and who will stop at nothing to ensure your case is settled justly and with as little stress as possible. Continue reading to learn how to find a good child custody lawyer.

Qualifications of a Good Child Custody Lawyer

Certain things make a good child custody lawyer stand out among the rest. First and foremost, your lawyer should legitimately care about the outcome of your case. Even though they handle multiple cases at once, a good lawyer will make you feel like your case is just as important as all the others. A good custody lawyer will also exhibit compassion for you and your situation. Working in family law is constantly helping families get through difficult situations, and a good custody lawyer is sympathetic to this. By harnessing this compassion, a good child custody lawyer also knows that they will only go to court if they have to. Remember that often any discussion of child custody involves discussion of child support. 

Questions to Ask a Child Custody Lawyer

Once you’ve found a few options for a custody lawyer, you’ll want to meet with them to discuss your case. You should bring with you your current court orders if you have them. This will give you an idea of their take on your situation and how they plan to handle it. If you aren’t sure what to ask a child custody lawyer when you meet with them. Don’t worry, your attorney will ask you for the information necessary to plan your course of action.

How Much Does a Child Custody Lawyer Cost in California?

The cost of a child custody lawyer in California differs greatly depending on the specifics of your case. The cost of your case will depend on location, the lawyer’s experience, how long it takes for your case to be resolved, and the amount of work that needs to be done to resolve your case.  Lawyers usually bill their clients based on an hourly rate or a minimum fee. These fees can be minimized depending on the amount of mediation needed and the number of times you need to appear in court. 

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