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Hemet Child Custody Attorneys; child custody is one of the most important and frequently contested aspects of a divorce, and understanding how to properly proceed is the first step in empowering yourself to protect your parental rights and to ensure the best future for your children, including securing the proper child support agreement to protect you and your kids future.

There are also several steps to determining child custody and child visitation rights so do not expect that this process will necessarily happen quickly. With a number of evaluations to be performed and decisions to be made, you have to arm yourself with the proper counsel and the knowledge to protect your parental rights.

Child Custody Mediation

In many divorces, child custody is determined through mediation. With mediation, most parties are able to amicably resolve their differences and to minimize the affect of the custody battle on the child.

Child Custody And The Hemet Court

In deciding a child custody case, there are many factors that a court will take into consideration. Most importantly, the court’s greatest concern is to protect and promote what will be the most beneficial situation for the children, also known as “the best interest of the children”. Factors that a court will take into consideration include:

  • The age and health of the children
  • Emotional ties between the parents and the children
  • Which parent has been the primary parent
  • The amount of time that each parent spends with the children
  • Any history of family violence or substance abuse by either parent
  • The children’s current living environment
  • The employment and ability of both parents to properly care for the child
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