Bloom & Rudibaugh Law Firm Privacy Policy

Bloom & Rudibaugh A.P.C. maintains the following Privacy Policy so that visitors to our site can understand what information we collect, and how we use it.

We collect information on our visitors through a third party website analytics software service that shows us information at an aggregate level only.

This information is provided to us via Google Analytics and we have no control over how Google may use this information. Visitors should refer to Google’s own Privacy Policy if they have concerns.

The information that we can view for visitors to our website via Google Analytics includes:

    • The number of visitors to our web site each day, week, month
    • The geographical area that they are visiting us from
    • The web site or source of the visit, for example a search engine, or another web site
    • The keywords that people use to find us
    • The Internet browser and computer operating system used
    • Whether our visitors are new or returning visitors
    • We will never sell, rent or share information provided to us via our web site unless required to do so by law.

Bloom & Rudibaugh A.P.C. respects the privacy of our visitors and our clients and if you have any questions or concerns related to how we use information collected from our website, please feel free to call our office at 951-652-1400 or 951-296-5360.

Our lawyers practicing in this area include:
Scott Rudibaugh
Scott Rudibaugh
Kathy Bloom
Kathy Bloom